Written in Water

With Written in Water, Shooglenifty & Dhun Dhora have realised a beautiful dream and produced an album of exciting, intoxicating, exceptional music– Neil McFadyen, Folk Radio

Both bands contribute something unique to this meeting of minds and with neither tradition dominating, the album is the inevitable result of a musical conversation that definitely goes both ways. ***** – Dave Haslam, RnR Magazine

The air of mystery that has informed Shooglenifty’s sound for the past 25 years continues to work its charm, this time with the sounds of the Rajasthani master musicians. **** – Rob Adams, Songlines

Shooglenifty’s eighth studio album is special in more ways than one. Recorded with Rajasthani collaborators Dhun Dhora in the Mehrangarh Fort in October 2017, it is a labour of love dedicated to the Shoogle’s late fiddler Angus R Grant and Dhun Dhora’s late dholak player Roshan Khan. Angus features on the opening track, Bovaglie’s Plaid, a haunting slow air answered by Dayam Khan, Dhun Dhora’s mesmirising vocalist, and Roshan pops up singing on Jog Yer Bones.

Also featured is fiddle player Laura Jane Wilkie who contributed one of the tunes – Jump Yer Bones– an able counterpoint to Dhun Dhora’s popular Rajasthani song Avalu on the aforementioned Jog Yer Bones.

Other new compositions on the album include Dead End Glen, Nigel Escapes The Fort and the title track Written in Water by Ewan MacPherson. Also included are trad tunes and songs from Rajasthan and Scotland, and Gypsy’s Dance by Donald Macleod.

Each track is a balanced collaboration in itself demonstrating the extent of the musical kinship built up since the two bands first came together in 2014.

Read more about the project and the individual tracks here >>


Bovaglie’s Plaid | Hichki | Jog Yer Bones (Avalu/Jump Yer Bones) | A’Bhriogais Ullach (A’Bhriogais Ullach/Raag Des) | Dead End Glen (Dead End Glen/Saawariyo Parinaam Meera Ka) | Dhoriye (Milleadh Nam Bràithrean/Dhoriye) | Nigel’s Escape (Nigel Escapes The Fort/Gypsy’s Dance) | Written in Water (Written in Water/Saawan Aayo)


Angus R Grant (fiddle) | Ewan MacPherson (mandolin/tenor banjo/jaw harp) | Garry Finlayson (acoustic and electric 5-string banjos/ebow) | James Mackintosh (drums/percussion/bass) | Kaela Rowan (vocals) | Malcolm Crosbie (guitars) | Quee MacArthurs (basses)

Dhun Dhora

Chanan Khan Manganiyar (dhol/dumbek) | Dayam Khan Manganiyar (vocals/harmonium) | Ghafoor Khan Manganiyar (khartal) | Latif Khan Manganiyar (morchang/bhapang) | Pyaru Khan Manganiyar (dhol) | Roshan Khan Manganiyar (vocals) | Sardar Khan Langa (sarangi/vocals) | Sattar Khan Manganiyar (dhol) | Swaroop Khan Manganiyar (dhol/dholak)


Laura Jane Wilkie (fiddle)