Venus in Tweeds

Venus in Tweeds remains one of my all-time classic albums – Mary Ann Kennedy

Venus in Tweeds is the Shoogles’ debut album, released on Greentrax Records in 1994.

It was made Folk Album of the Year by BBC Scotland, thus cementing the band’s line-up and propelling them to audiences far beyond their staunch Edinburgh following.


The Pipe Tunes | Horace, The Point Road | Venus In Tweeds | Waiting for Conrad | Two Fifty To Vigo | Paranoia | Buying A Blanket | The Tammienorrie | The Point Road (Joiner’s Mix)


Fiddle: Angus R. Grant | Banjo Garry Finlayson | Mandolin Iain MacLeod | Guitar Malcolm Crosbie | Bass Conrad Ivitsky | Drums and percussion James Mackintosh