Radical Mestizo

This is the record that brings Shooglenifty’s croftadelic ideal to full recorded reality – All Music

Radical Mestizo means ‘radical hybrid’ and is taken from a preview of the band published in Mexico. This 2004 release is a live album recorded at gigs in Mexico City, Glenuig (Scotland), Glasgow Barrowlands, and Bloomington, Indiana.


She’s in the Attic | Glenuig Hall | The Arms Dealer’s Daughter | The Nordal Rumba | Carboni’s Farewell | Delighted | Schumann’s Leap | Heading West | A Fistful of Euro | Scraping the Barrel


Fiddle: Angus R. Grant | Banjo Garry Finlayson | Mandolin Luke Plumb | Guitar Malcolm Crosbie | Bass Quee Macarthur | Drums and percussion James Mackintosh