A Whisky Kiss

Shooglenifty have become a force to be reckoned with and their brilliance shows no sign of abating – Ambience

Album no. 2, A Whisky Kiss was released by Greentrax Records in 1996.

This album further cemented the band’s reputation as wild crossover artists transcending categories and genres, who were quickly becoming known as one of Scotland’s top live bands.


Da Eye Wifey | She’s In The Attic | A Song for Susie | A Whisky Kiss | Good Drying | Hoptsoi | The Price Of A Pig | Farewell To Nigg


Fiddle: Angus R. Grant | Banjo Garry Finlayson | Mandolin Iain MacLeod | Guitar Malcolm Crosbie | Bass Conrad Ivitsky | Drums and percussion James Mackintosh