Howie B remixes Jog Yer Bones

“A gorgeous fusion of continents and styles.  I was very happy to add my hand“ Howie B

Shooglenifty has partnered with an old friend from the band’s early days to deliver an exciting new remix of the track Jog Yer Bones, from their 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 album Written in Water.

Released to celebrate their Edinburgh International Festival appearance on 9 August 2019 (Royal Lyceum Theatre), the remix came about after the band’s drummer James Mackintosh connected with Howie B earlier this year.

Howie loved the vibe on the band’s collaborative album with the Rajasthani supergroup Dhun Dhora, released to great acclaim (and a spot in Mojo’s Top Ten Folk Albums of 2018) last November. So much so, he quickly agreed to work his magic on Jog Yer Bones.

“Having loved and admired his amazing work in various guises over the years, I was totally delighted that my old pal the brilliant and maverick producer Howie B accepted the Shoogle challenge to remix Jog Your Bones, particularly as it wasn’t recorded in concert pitch (it’s tuned down 3/4 of a tone to suit Rajasthani singer Dayam Khan). This didn’t phase Howie one bit:  he chose some choice elements, sprinkled some 5/4 synth squelch groove, a fluffy cloud or two, and created a beautiful hypnofolkadlic funky mantra for the Shooglesphere.” James Mackintosh

The single (with album version as ‘B’ side) was released on 2 August 2019.

About Howie B

One of the founding fathers of Trip-Hop, Pussyfoot Records and his own children, Howie B had a busy 90s.

Howie is a hugely well-respected composer, a musical shapeshifter who has worked his way through countless genres. Having worked with the likes of U2, Björk, Robbie Robertson, Brian Eno, Sly and Robbie, Massive Attack and Soul II Soul, Howie has become a respected go-to for production and cinematic composition.

His output has grown ever more diverse in scope in recent years, with projects including creating a score for a show at the Milan Planetarium, collaborating with massive brands Maserati, Bowers and Wilkins and Range Rover.

Howie has written soundtracks for a large number of Chinese feature films in the last couple of years as well as scoring independent films including Dollhouse, How To Sell A Banksy and Rabbit and most recently the end title music (co-written with Robbie Robertson and Matthew McConaughey) for Martin Scorsese’s film The Wolf of Wall Street.

The Scottish globe trotter has travelled the world searching for new and interesting talent to collaborate with and nurture. Most recently, Howie has set up the musical charity Intermission with philanthropist Pete Phornprapha of Strangefruit Festival in Thailand, the charity helps young local musicians to find their way onto the stage at big music events and festivals through mentoring.Now you can find him on a small island in France living as a musical nomad, creating magnificent Chinese film scores and beautiful experimental music of his own.

Find out more about Howie B >>

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