Rajasthani review for Written in Water

L-R: Sattar, Latif, Swaroop, Chanan and Pyaru Khan Manganiyar during recording at the Mehrangarh Fort, September 2017

We were delighted when we heard from Govind Singh Bhati recently. Govind is an expert in Rajasthani music, and after many months looking at the CD on his shelf, he finally got a moment to sit down give Written in Water a spin. After listening to it five times in a row (!), this is what he told us …

“Great work guys congratulations to all of you for this wonderful collaboration. Each song is favourite of mine and the whole mix is a real treat for music lovers like me who enjoy Rajasthani folk and world music. It’s amazing how it swings between Celtic and Marwari music with natural ease. One can clearly feel the strong bond you all have for the music in this project. It’s the best collaborative album till now, and the recording is gold standard.”

This is high praise indeed!

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